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Payment Methods

Beautyware.cy online store allows you to pay for your order in the following ways:

1.Cash on delivery
In case you choose Cash on Delivery as a method of payment, there is an additional charge on the amount of your order € 2, Cash on Delivery is made with the company Aramex.

2. Payment by Credit Card
You can pay for your order with Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card (Visa, Electron Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners, Discover, American Express).

Card payments are processed by Viva Payments.

In case of payment by Card, there is no additional charge of the final price of your order, apart from the shipping cost.

Our company may ask you to send us a credit / debit cardholder ID, such as a photocopy / photo of your ID and a photocopy / photo of the front of the card used for payment with the first 6 digits visible, covered the next 6 and the last 4 digits are visible (For example if the card number is 5555 1234 5678 9012, you should send us a photocopy / photo of the front of the card only where the digits 5555 12XX XXXX 9012 will be visible).

3. Payment by Paypal
You can also use Paypal to pay for your order.

In case of payment with Paypal there is also no additional charge of the final price of your order, apart from the shipping cost.

4. Payment by Bank Deposit
You can place your order and make a deposit in one of the following accounts:

Bank Account Name IBAN Swift/BIC
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE   GR9701102520000025260279549 ETHNGRAA
ALPHA BANK   GR1201403000300002002042779 CRBAGRAA
PIRAEUS BANK   GR8601726060005606107046678 PIRBGRAA
EUROBANK   GR7802602170000320202707644  


The deposit must be completed within 3 working days from the registration of your order.
After the end of the 3 working days and if the bank deposit has not been completed, the order is automatically canceled and the products contained in it are released. If you have placed an order with a bank deposit payment option and for any reason you need more than 3 working days to complete the deposit, please contact us to help you.
Any bank transfer costs are borne by the customer.

Please include the order number as well as your name in the reason for the deposit.

After the deposit, please reply to the confirmation email of the order you received, or send us a new email with the proof of deposit so that there is no delay in sending your order. See Contact Details.

Transaction security when paying by Card or Paypal
The information you provide when paying for your order regarding your card details is used exclusively for the charge of your order, at the time of its completion, by electronic billing systems of Viva Payments or Paypal and are not stored by our website, nor do we have access to them. For the transfer of the above card information to the electronic system of Viva Payments or Paypal, the latest technology of SSL Certificates is used, so that the charging and transfer of the data is inviolable and secure.

** In case of payment by card or Paypal, the charge will appear on your card as a payment to "KALLONA K. ELENI", which is the owner company of the website Beautyware.cy