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The 7 steps to beauty in the foreground

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The 7 steps to beauty:

1. We clean our face twice a day. At night to remove dirt and makeup remnants and in the morning to remove dead cells, sebum and night cream residues.

2. Twice a week, before going to sleep, we scrub with a scrub, so that our skin can "absorb" and better absorb the nutrients we offer.

3. Once a week we apply a clean face mask to our skin type.

4. If we have swelling and dark circles, we put a compress of tea every morning in which we have poured essential oil of lemon or lemon or grapefruit.

5. After cleansing, apply a moisturizing serum with Vitamin C for shine and toning. We wait for it to be absorbed and we apply our moisturizing cream.

6. If we wake up in the morning with a "crumpled" skin from the pillow, replace its cotton case with a satin. This may be an indication that our skin needs more hydration. So, we are replacing our cream with a stronger one.

7. In the evening after cleansing, use a serum that accelerates natural exfoliation. If our skin "pulls", we also use a night cream that lightens the skin and reduces any discoloration.

The ingredients that give energy and renewal to the skin:

Pomegranate Extract: Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties give vital power to cells.
Wild Rose Extract: Enhances even skin tone and instantly shine.
Vitamin C: Contributes to the production of collagen, has antioxidant and whitening properties and reduces the size of skin pores.
AHA: They remove dead cells, renew the superficial layer of the skin.
LHA: Salicylic acid derivative.
DHA: The most important type of fatty acid ω-3. It strengthens the cell membrane to retain moisture in the cells.
Collagen and Elastin: The most important proteins that support the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
LR2412: One of the most promising molecules in anti-aging. It mimics the plant defense process, as well as their self-protection against external attacks.
Citrus essential oils: Moisturize, detoxify and enhance the natural radiance of the skin.


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